Top 5 things to do in an INDOOR GARDEN

Top 5 things to do in an INDOOR GARDEN


As you will know from my previous blogs, I suffer from a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia, which means I live with varying amounts of pain and fatigue, which has to be managed carefully in order to maintain a good quality of life; Some days I can manage a bit of gentle walking and gardening, and other days I can barely get out of bed.

As a keen gardener and designer, this can cause quite a bit of frustration, as I often wonder what amazing things I could achieve in my life if only I had good health. For example I always wanted to self-build a modest eco-house within an acre or two of land, so that I could set up a permaculture project, providing food, materials and education resources. 22851869_2092414670784941_7179352553373681879_nBut I’ve had to learn to scale down my aspirations and set myself achievable goals so that I can live well within my restricted energy envelope. I know for other people, the limiting factor in their lives might be lack of time, or money, or whatever; we all have challenges in our lives, so this blog isn’t going to be moaning about what we don’t have or can’t achieve, it’s about what can we create in our lives that brings us joy, and a higher quality of life.


For me, one of the things I love so much about gardening is that I feel joyful connection to Nature while I’m doing it. So for this reason, I wanted to bring as much of the outdoors inside my home, so that even when I don’t feel well enough to be gardening outdoors, I can still feel this connection. And so this is why I am learning to be an indoor gardener. I am very lucky to have a brand new conservatory built on the back of our house to replace the very old leaky PVC one that we inherited from the previous owners and this is where the best of my indoor gardening is going on. Here are my top 5 things to do in my indoor garden:


1  Make Terrariums26805199_2204388042920936_6329992160228328850_n


Creating a simple Terrarium is fun. Have a go! It’s like creating a little world within a jar. I made this cactus landscape with Ice Cream van one for my nephew: I filled the jar with sand, added a little soil and drainage into a hole and planted the cactus, collected stones from my favourite Devon beach for adding a rock to his landscape and hunted in a flea market for the antique Ice Cream van. I used an old kilner jar for this, but in the past I’ve also used large pickle jars which I have got for free from my local chip shop. To find out how I did this, check out my blog about Terrariums.


2 Display house plants27858341_10155657121931622_1113786815359787191_n


I found an old set of shelves in a flea market and have used this to display some of my favourite house plants. I also found an antique book with botanical drawings that I like to display with them. This is also where I like to pot up my house plant babies; my spider plant, aloe vera and chinese money plants have all had plant babies which I have carefully potted up into their new homes. If you’re feeling a bit unconfident about your green finger abilities then check out this article about easy to grow and hard to kill house plants.



3 Grow micro-greens27972090_10155657122036622_8685517604541556581_n


So the plan is to grow trays and trays of edible plants. I have so many seeds ready to sow but because it’s so early in the season, so far I’ve only sown cress seeds into a tea cup. But it’s been so much fun and it looks so cute! In a day or so I’ll harvest the cress for my sandwiches. Future plans include trays of pea shoots, kale leaves, mustard greens, and spicy salad leaves. I’ll be posting more about this in the Spring, but in the meantime do check out this blog about how to grow micro-greens.


4 Get crafty


18193836_1854080814618329_2551552005880007724_nI like to get creative when I have the energy for a craft project. I have made plant pots out of our old tin cans which I painted with craft paints and planted with herbs – see this Facebook post about it. I’ve also painted ceramic plant pots (see picture above) with various craft and furniture paints – my favourites are dots and stripes. I’ve also painted the handles of my hand tools so that they last longer and are easier to find.


5 Relax


I bought a cheap garden sun-lounger and covered it in more padding and comfortable fabric to create myself a day bed. Now I can lay back and enjoy looking at my indoor garden, where I can watch it grow and I plan my next indoor gardening adventure. 27858919_10155657121976622_6768908454876472354_nI also love watching the squirrels and birds outside in the trees and on the bird feeder, and can feel my connection to Nature right from my bed. Bliss!

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