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Planted for Bill

PLANTED FOR BILL Last weekend, an 88 year old mighty pioneer tree died and fell out of the canopy of our world. Bill Mollison was the founding father of Permaculture. He worked together with one of his students David Holmgren in the 1970′s to create the permaculture design system, which helped people all over the […]

Bringing Outdoors Indoors

BRINGING THE OUTDOORS INDOORS Hello lovely people. It’s been a really long time since I wrote a blog here. This is because I’ve been really poorly as you know, with Fibromyalgia and with that, and moving house, and life in general being quite challenging, I had to make some choices about how I spend my […]

Make Do and Mend

MAKE DO AND MEND Hey folks. Did any of you catch that BBC TV series called ‘Back in time for the weekend‘? I stumbled across it while I was resting in bed one day. I was lying under my hand made patchwork quilt (made a few years ago from fabric scraps) while I darning my […]

Living with Fibromyalgia

LIVING WITH FIBROMYALGIA Once again folks I have been struck down with another chronic, life-limiting incurable illness – this time it’s called Fibromyalgia. Six years ago my diagnosis was Lupus, an auto-immune disease which caused inflammation in my body, mostly in my joints, but the Lupus is now ‘inactive’ according to my blood test results. […]

Coping with Climate Change

COPING WITH CLIMATE CHANGE The UN Climate Change talks in Paris of 2015 have been and gone. I’m not sure how optimistic I was feeling leading up to the talks, knowing that in previous occasions, important agreements about CO2 emissions had not been made. But I was pleasantly surprised when they announced on 12 December […]

Designing Zone Zero

DESIGNING ‘ZONE ZERO’ In permaculture, we ‘zone’ our lives from the centre outwards, the theory being that the zones nearest the middle are the ones we give most attention to, our homes being in the very centre of these zones is considered to be in zone 0. But it doesn’t always follow that your home […]

9 Permaculture Tips for Increasing your Garden Yield

9 PERMACULTURE TIPS FOR INCREASING YOUR GARDEN YIELD Just imagine being able to step out of your back door each day to pick fresh strawberries and red currants to sprinkle on your breakfast, or to gather salads and edible flowers for a large salad lunch, or imagine being able to harvest fresh vegetables just a […]

EARTHSHIP facts or fiction?

EARTHSHIP FACTS OR FICTION? From the first moment that I heard about Earthships I was hooked. Fifteen years ago in Brighton (UK), I went to a talk by Mike Reynolds, the father of Earthship building and experimentation. He outlined his dreams of making housing affordable, built from recycled materials, off grid for water and electricity, […]


GARDEN DESIGN STEP 1 In any good permaculture design, the very first step is always the SURVEY; ┬áit makes good sense to be making good observations first, before jumping in and imposing your design ideas onto a space, otherwise you might make costly mistakes that you regret later. So this blog today is about my […]

New Home: New Design!

NEW HOME: NEW DESIGN! We’re now all moved into our new house at last, a semi-detached brick house in Sussex, in the south of the UK. It’s so lovely to be here, right at the start of such a big creative project! We have lots of exciting plans and ideas for our new house and […]


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