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Square Foot Garden

SQUARE FOOT GARDEN I thought I’d show you the interesting developments of my square-foot garden in my raised bed over the past year. I am not an expert on square-foot gardening, so if you’d like more information on what it is and how to plan a square foot garden then do check out this helpful […]

Top 5 things to do in an INDOOR GARDEN

Top 5 things to do in an INDOOR GARDEN   As you will know from my previous blogs, I suffer from a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia, which means I live with varying amounts of pain and fatigue, which has to be managed carefully in order to maintain a good quality of life; Some days I […]

Front Garden Update

FRONT GARDEN UPDATE   I wanted to show you how my front garden has developed over the past growing season. As you can see from this photo from my previous blog the garden has really changed and matured since I created it just 7 months ago. Back in April when planting out all the perennial […]

Tin bath Update

TIN BATH UPDATE I seem to have well and truly fallen off the blogging horse over the past 5 months, but here I am again. I’m back! I got the nudge I needed when I was contacted by Thompson & Morgan (yes, that massive seed company!) who wanted to feature me in their blog: 10 […]

Tin Bath Design

TIN BATH DESIGN Thanks to the article in the latest copy of Permaculture Magazine by Vera Greutink, where she describes how she establishes different polycultures in an old tin bath, I was inspired to create my own. A polyculture is simply a group of different plants all grown together. In her article she grows 3 […]

Walking in zone 5

WALKING IN ZONE 5 In permaculture we take inspiration directly from nature. It’s the wild places that we go to unwind and to only observe and not to interfere, that we call ‘Zone 5′. These places are harder to find these days but small pockets do still exist in the UK. Going for a walk […]

My New Back Garden

MY NEWLY IMPROVED BACK GARDEN In my previous blog I told you about how I designed and implemented the design on our front garden (you can read it here). In this blog I’m going to tell you how we went about implementing changes to our back garden. I’m really excited about how this plan has […]

My New Front Garden

MY NEW FRONT GARDEN I wanted to tell you about the exciting new developments in my front garden, which is all the more exciting because of the challenges I’ve faced while designing it. Those of you who follow my blogs and magazine articles will already know that I struggle with chronic health problems. My current […]

Garden Observation

GARDEN OBSERVATION Happy new year to you! I know it’s not quite new year yet, but I’m sure that you are, like me, looking towards 2017 and starting to think about your plans and ideas for the year ahead. I’ve been living in my new home, a fifties semi-detached house on the edge of town, […]


TERRARIUMS Today I’ve finally been able to continue my creative indoor gardening project, and I have really enjoyed myself. I’ve created two terrariums from mostly recycled/repurposed materials. Terrariums were originally created by the plant collecting biologists of the Victorian era. They created glass cases to contain their tropical plant specimens so that they could be […]


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